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Garage door repair can be a very challenging task without understanding the important components of the garage door especially the springs. They are an important part of the operating system of the garage door as they are responsible to lift and lower the garage door with the help of the garage door opener and motor. There are plenty of certified garage door services including Houston garage door spring repair which offer valuable information on garage door works to make your life convenient. 

On average, the garage door is operated two times a day which will be 700 times a year. It means that you can open or close a garage door safely around seven hundred times. Due to the frequent opening and closing operations of the garage doors, it is very important to check the physical conditions of springs periodically. It is important to note here that these springs are placed under extreme tension at all times and will become very dangerous if they damaged or worn out.

There are two types of springs that are torsion and extension springs. Both springs are very efficient and need to be fixed properly. You will have to understand the process accurately before undergoing the process of fixing. Each spring functions in its unique way and needs different parts and components to work efficiently and effectively.

Garage door torsion springs are normally located on a rod right above the garage door opening. There are basically two types of springs which are separated using a centerpiece of spring. These springs help to lift or lower the heavy garage door either manually or with the help of an electric garage door opener. Both types of springs have a limited life span from seven to ten years depending on how they are taken care of. If one of them breaks, it is suggested to replace both of them at the same time because others will go bad soon.

Extension springs are found on the right and left sides of each garage door track. These springs are much easier to handle and install than the torsion springs. But there is still safety risk involved in the work because of the extreme stress and tension is stored with the springs.

However, it should be relatively easy to determine what type of garage door spring mechanism is installed with your garage door by just inspecting the garage door carefully. It is absolutely advised to hire a professional garage door services to handle the repair or installation of springs on the garage door.  There is a lot of safety risk involved with this component unless you really understand what is going wrong with it. You will have to use the services of licensed and certified garage door experts. 

By understanding the structure of garage door springs, you will be able to make sensible decisions on exactly what repairs you need to conduct to ultimately save your money and effort.