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When it comes to conducting a garage door installation on your own, it is actually not easy work.  It involves many complicated steps that can confuse someone who is not really a technical person. It is important to understand that the garage door is large and bulky equipment that could be dangerous if the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer are not followed properly. Click on the link to get more information about garage door installation.    

Generally, garage door technicians suggested that an automatic garage door is installed along with an electric garage door opener which makes the task complex and critical to handle. This is why; it should be left to the professional and experienced garage door installer to accomplish unless the homeowner possesses certain abilities and expertise. It does not mean that you cannot handle the work. It just means that it is not a good job to be handled using DIY enthusiasts.

Manual garage doors can be easily raised and lowered without the aid of torsion springs, electric motor, cables, and the like. A garage door can be relatively heavy or light depending on the materials and structure. On the opposite side, automatic garage doors are extremely heavy. Lightweight fiberglass garage doors are not ideal for certain homeowners who would really want to have a thick wooden garage door. 

When it concerns installing a lightweight manual garage door, there are several actions in the procedures which need to be followed in sequence. In this process, the first important part to install is known as “flag brackets” and “horizontal angle track sections”. After they are installed properly then they should be tightened securely to the jamb of the garage door.

Don’t forget to connect them to the torsion springs and tubs. It is good to make sure that springs are loaded into each mounting bracket properly. The drum on the left side should be installed first and then go for the second drum on the right side. When they have been done, now it is time to secure the tube retainer and wind the torsion spring. Remember, the garage door spring is a dangerous part because it can be under extreme stress.

Inspect the end of metal tracks to make sure that the mounting brackets are tightened securely and connect the entire mechanism to the beam which places above the garage door along with the ceiling of the garage. Make sure that you have installed the motor according to the instructions provide by the manufacturer and then attach it securely along with the ceiling. Attach the wires from the motor to the wall switch and then place garage door sensors at the bottom of the garage door by maintaining its balance.

After completing all the above-mentioned procedure, it is time to connect the garage door to its electric garage door opener. Don’t forget that electricity is involved in this process and the pressure of torsion springs is also matters. It is wise to hire a professional garage door installer to complete the work.