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The garage door normally opens and closes more than a dozen times a day. Routine garage door maintenance and periodic garage door repair is an essential task for smooth operations of the garage door. In this article, I will describe the importance of routine garage door maintenance and simple repairs that you can perform without any difficulty. Click on the website to get more information about garage door services.

These garage door procedures are suggested three to four times a year: 

  • Wash the garage door with the help of mild household detergent and a soft brush. Repaint or retouched the peeling, cracked, or chipped paint, especially if you have a wooden garage door.
  • Use a vinyl cleaner to clean the weather stripping around the frame and at the bottom of a garage door. You may use other silicone sprays or products to keep the weather stripping smoother.
  • Inspect the garage door rollers to find out the damages. Broken or worn-out garage door rollers should be replaced with new ones. Use a socket wrench to lose the screws and bolts holding the rollers in place to remove the damaged ones. Install the new and fasten the screws.
  • Check the alignment of tracks using a level. If they are not aligned, simply loosen the screws that hold the tracks to the wall and adjust the garage door tracks. There is no need to remove them completely. Check the alignment and refasten the screws.
  • Inspect the mounting brackets that secure the tracks to the walls. If they are loose, try to tighten the screws and blots inside the mounting brackets. Check the garage door while keeping the garage door closed to see if there are dents, flat spots, or crimps on the tracks. Minor dents can be pounded out using a hammer or rubber mallet and a block of wood. Seriously damaged tracks should be replaced.
  • Check the garage door thoroughly to find out the loose hardware. On the swing up garage door find out the loose screws on the plates where springs are mounted. You should check the roll-up garage door to find out the loose screws that hold the panels together. A sagging garage door can be fixed by securing the hinges with new screws. Fill the enlarged holes using long screws and wood filler when needed.
  • Check the tension of the torsion springs and adjust it as required. In the swing-up model, move the spring hook to the next notch or hole to adjust the tension. In the roll-up model, the tension can be adjusted by pulling the cable through the metal plate. Re-knot the end to adjust the tension.
    • Note: Garage door torsion springs that are placed at the top of the garage door cannot be handled by an average person. The pressure on the springs is great enough that can hurt or kill you. They should be handled by professional garage door experts.

At the bottom, regular garage door maintenance and repair services can be handled by a handy homeowner. But major garage door tasks are done best by professional and experienced garage door technicians.