It's easy!

Rally friends and family to create a team and fundraise for Kindred.


1) Create your own fundraising profile here

2) Click the green button that says "Join or Create Team"

3) Fill in team details and set a fundraising goal! Rally around a hike, a walk, or any event.

4) Start fundraising!  Share your team page with anyone and everyone.  Ask friends, family, coworkers, and neighbor to join your team or help you reach your goal!

Need inspiration?  Check out the other teams on the left for creative ideas!  Feel free to join other teams as well!  

Here are some fun ideas:

#Hike4aHome: Love the outdoors? Go on an overnight, week-long, or even month-long hike to support the building of a new home in Korea for Pastor Lee and his family. You can gather pledges from people in your community based on how many miles you plan to trek!

#Collect2Protect: Commit to collecting recyclable items for a month and donate the proceeds earned to protecting infant children & mothers in Korea from abandonment and abuse. You can organize beach cleanups, collect cans from school, or simply recycle your own bottles and cans to raise money.

#Jump4jusarang: Commit to jumping out of a plane to raise money for the care of mothers and children in Korea. Make pledges per foot or give lump sums for the feat!

#Party4pastorlee: Organize a party for your school, organization, or in your community and charge an entry fee to help fund a playroom for Kindred’s first Rescue Center in Seoul, South Korea.  

#drop4thebox: Ask their friends, family, classmates or coworkers to give up (“drop”) coffee, soda, or a meal for a week and donate their saved money to supporting children that come through the Pastor Lee’s drop box.

#read2rescue: Seek pledges from your relatives, peers and classmates for every “A” you receive on your report card. The money earned goes toward Kindred Image’s rescue efforts in Korea.