For $125, you can support a Brave mother with a Box of Hope.

Since the inception of “the drop box” in 2009, over 600 mothers have come to the home of Pastor Lee Jong-rak to “drop off” their child. When they do, many are suicidal, ashamed, and without hope.

The reason why they seek an anonymous option like the drop box is that many of their pregnancies are hidden. Hidden from family, teachers, employers, and others who would reject them.

Thanks to compassionate counseling, 20% of those who come to Pastor Lee ultimately choose to “keep,” while the rest “drop.” But as is the purpose of the box, no children are left out in the cold. 

It is clear from letters written by the mothers that Pastor Lee’s heart is what draws them in. Whether desperate, alone, shunned, or suicidal, Pastor Lee’s heart cries out, “You and your child are valuable. Don’t give up hope.” 

After all, what is abandonment but the language of people who have no hope?


Diapers, formula, wet wipes, bottles, straws, cups, bottle sponges, thermometers, baby nail clippers, baby clothes, and toys!