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The youth still remain to be the hopes for the future. As such, it is unfortunate how there are some people who don’t see them the gems that they are. Many countries still practice child abandonment, while there are also those who choose to kill their child while they are still in the womb. As a consequence, the future of the same child or children is cut short.  

Kindred Image is a non-profit organization which aims to help stop such scenarios. We provide prevention and intervention that help saves the lives of these young souls. We give the mothers hope so that they continue to see through this challenge of raising another important member of the community. By doing this, we hope to make a change that will be relevant to the community in the future. 

There are many reasons why children are being abandoned every day. One leading cause is an unwanted pregnancy. Hundreds of women claim not yet being prepared for this phase in their lives. Especially in times where they stand alone after being disowned by their own family and the father-to-be, they are left with no choice but to either give up their newborn or starve. Lack of financial capability is another reason why there are those who do not want to take the responsibility of raising children. While there are those who embrace motherhood with open arms, there are also those who despise them because of the responsibility they bring. This result to the pregnancy not reaching its fruition, or when they do, the babies are either given away or abandoned in hidden places to die. Some are even found in front of garage doors in Milwaukee. 


At Kindred Image, we believe that mothers of abandoned babies are just victims of circumstance. They are prisoners of poverty and may be left with no choice but to do what they don’t want to do. So, we aim to provide them with an alternative. Such include possible sources of income and temporary shelter until they can find their feet. We want to give them the experience first of getting to know their children before making decisions that would impact both lives. If they decide that they still do want to give up motherhood, then, we can help them find a new home for their child with the help of our partner organizations and under the jurisdiction of the law. This is a much better option than leaving the babies out there to die.  

Here at Kindred Image, we do not just help mothers today, we also strive to provide a long-term solution to their dilemma. By doing this, we are not just helping them but we are also investing in the future of the society. We are also helping restore the faith in humanity, and bring back the compassion of people as they help sustain other people’s lives.  

Was it easy? Nothing ever is. But the thing is, we never lose hope because of the continuous offer of support and donations from people out there. Join us in our advocacy. Let us help each other change lives.