Pastor Lee and his staff invited ministry partners and friends to hold a celebratory ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Maternity Shelter a couple weeks ago. The renovated site was reported on through different media outlets, and it was also posted on the first page of Korea's number one news portal site, Naver. It has been great exposure, particularly because the government and other opponents of Pastor Lee's work are seeing his heart to care for unwed mothers and his intent to encourage them to keep their babies when safe and possible. He hopes this will silence the claim that the baby box encourages abandonment and robs unwed mothers of the opportunity to raise their babies. 

Additionally, many key players in the adoption and social welfare ministry in Korea attended the ceremony. Considering the decision to have a ceremony was a rather last minute decision, the attendance shows how much respect the other ministry leaders in Korea have for Pastor Lee and the rest of Jusarang."


We are incredibly excited to announce that the baby box facility has been successfully renovated! With the site now operational, desperate mothers who visit can receive resources, temporary shelter, counseling, and holistic care from pastor Lee and his staff. The baby box will still be in operation but this is a huge step forward toward seeing fewer babies abandoned or aborted! We could not be more excited for the opening of the Maternity Shelter and the long term impact this will have on precious lives in Seoul and around South Korea.

We want to thank you - all of you who have supported us generously with donations or prayer. This project definitely could not have been completed without the incredible support of those moved to action by Pastor Lee's heart!

We've Broken Ground!

Over the course of the last few months we have been working to move Pastor Lee and his family to a more spacious facility to allow for a much needed renovation the baby box site. With the family now in a larger and more suitable living space, we are excited to announce that construction is officially underway!

Once renovated, the baby box site will become a MATERNITY SHELTER, including temporary housing for mothers and children as well as professional counseling. The baby box will still be in operation but in general, this is a giant step toward more holistic solutions to the problems of abortion and abandonment in unsafe places. A huge thanks to the incredible support from The Legacy and the rest of our committed donors. Without your help, we would not be able to do any of this!