Fundraise to provide compassionate caretakers for children, holistic care and counseling for mothers, and declare that every human life matters!


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We exist to end child abandonment in South Korea and create a culture of life around the world.  By rallying with people all over the world, we can maximize our efforts to accomplish this. Here's how we do it...


We want to put an end to abandonment but believe that this begins in the hearts of the people. Through story-based awareness, we work to change the cultural consciousness for the cause of life.


While working to change the surrounding culture, we meet mothers in crisis and offer alternatives to abandonment in unsafe places. Kindred staff members serve at the drop box site on a daily basis.


While engaging in crisis care, we also work to provide long-term solutions for single mothers and children left in the box. Through counseling, care packages, and adoption support, we are committed to holistic solutions.