Our story-based awareness efforts focus on hopeful stories where life is shown as undeniably beloved, sacred, and precious.

Through long and short form documentaries, we address the root causes that lead to lives being thrown away, and work to change individual hearts. 

Film is a powerful motivator, so in the long run, we hope to raise up a media-saturated generation to care about and protect life in a more courageous way than ever before. 


Your donation is working to hire helpers and counselors, and build a new "Rescue Center” where comprehensive care can be offered to both mothers and children in South Korea.

Your donation is also working to support Pastor Lee’s family, made up of children with varying disabilities and needs. 


Your donation is working to bring help, as well as healing to broken lives. In both our stories and our programs, we know that protection alone isn't enough. 

Therefore, we are working to build a new "Rescue Center" dedicated to holistic care for mothers, abandoned children, and those with special-needs. This center will be the truest expression of Pastor Lee’s heart for the least of these.