THE Maternity Shelter IS NOW OPEN!

After moving Pastor Lee and his family into a more spacious facility, WE HAVE partnerED with Jusarang AND builT a maternity shelter at the baby box site! 

For the past several years, Pastor Lee and his family of 19 have been living in a small 3-bedroom home in a working-class neighborhood on the outskirts of Seoul. When we visited Pastor Lee's home-church turned temporary shelter on our film trips we witnessed firsthand the reality of their situation.

Baby clothes, diapers, bags of rice, and toys lined the walls of the home and children slept on whatever small sliver of floorspace they could find. One particular visual that stuck out in each of our heads, was one of the volunteers—affectionately referred to as 'grandma'—sleeping in a small crib in one of the children's rooms. 

As much as Pastor Lee wanted to expand his care for the mothers and children that were visiting his home, he was limited by the resources available to him. So while he continued to dream of more holistic approaches to the problems of abortion and abandonment in unsafe places, he waited for the day when he would finally be able to offer all of his home as a safe-haven for those in need.

After years of prayer and because of support from people like you, Pastor Lee was able to move his family into a larger, more suitable home where the growing children could have access to the private space they desperately needed.

The new maternity shelter will make a profound difference in the way we are able to care for mothers and children in crisis.

Our prayer is that through the maternity shelter, families will be able to stay together whenever safe and possible and life would be further protected! Thanks to your incredible support, we are making an impact in the lives of real people and moving closer to building a culture of life around the world! 


All monthly Donations are being MATCHED!

Our Legacy donors are a huge reason why the maternity shelter is becoming a reality. Join today and help us ensure the shelter is around for years to come!

Join us as we raise support for the new maternity shelter!  

Tell your friends, family, coworkers, classmates, and church about the new maternity shelter and help us fundraise!

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