the plan isn't to build more baby boxes... but a world that doesn't need them.


We want to put an end to abandonment but believe that this begins in the hearts of the people. Through story-based awareness, we work to change the cultural consciousness for the cause of life.


While working to change the surrounding culture, we meet mothers in crisis and offer alternatives to abandonment in unsafe places. Kindred staff members serve at the drop box site on a daily basis.


While engaging in crisis care, we also work to provide long-term solutions for single mothers and children left in the box. Through counseling, care packages, and adoption support, we are committed to holistic solutions.


give hope.  

Boxes of Hope is a Kindred Image program to provide mothers who have chosen to keep their children with the resources to support them in their decision.



In the war against abandonment, stories are often upstream of programs or governmental regulations because they have the power to reach the hearts of the people. Even with all the help in the world, the prevailing attitudes of communities can make the lives of single mothers, orphans, and children with disabilities extremely difficult. Your donation, even in just buying a single ticket, is helping us tell the entire world a better story and is changing lives for good.



For a time, Pastor Lee’s home became a “rescue center” of sorts for mothers and abandoned children. Pastor Lee gave up his home to the children and his life to mothers in desperate need.  But the reality is that this little house and those who run it have been greatly overwhelmed in recent years.

The work has put Pastor Lee in the hospital on multiple occasions and massively taxed his small staff, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

However, even as the demand on Pastor Lee’s services has risen over the past several years, his vision has been to build another “rescue center,” from which to help and heal more mothers and children.

Join us as we partner with Pastor Lee to build a larger and more equipped center that offers both crisis and long-term holistic care to those who can already trust the heart of the ministry.


At the heart of Kindred Image is a desire to show not just the children, but also the the birthmothers how valuable and precious they are, no matter their circumstances or mistakes. Rejected by schools, employers, and even churches, these women could decide to parent their children with the proper, Christ-centered support. That is why we are planning to build a home for mothers, right next to the drop box facility, where they can receive counseling, temporary housing, relational rehabilitation, and much more holistic help. 


We want to restore the idea of a "kindred image" by encouraging families to adopt those that are in the world's eyes, the least valuable or purposeful. We long to see children with disabilities become prioritized and to show the world God's heart for the most vulnerable in society. In the future, Kindred hopes to provide grants to families seeking to adopt, specifically those who seek to adopt children with special needs.