Prayer for AJ, Tavis & Eric

Today, please pray for three awesome Kindred Image supporters!

Today, AJ, Tavis, & Eric leave on a 5-month trek from Maine to Georgia along the Appalachian Trail. They’re doing the hike as part of a fundraising campaign for a new Rescue Center in Seoul, South Korea. You can read more about their story here.

Please ask God to protect them on their journey. Ask that the hike would be more than just a hike and that they would each draw nearer to God along the way. Pray for Eric, who has bone cancer, and ask God to specifically protect him from any “flare-ups” or pain.

Finally, ask God to use this hike to help mothers and children in Korea receive the help and care they need.

The heart of man plans his way, but The Lord establishes his steps.Proverbs 16:9