Happy Birthday Pastor Lee!

Since 1987, Pastor Lee Jong-rak has prayed for, rescued, and adopted the world's forgotten and discarded children. He has helped mend broken families, wept with unwed mothers in crisis, and has courageously defended the defenseless. 

But the reason why the world has turned its attention to Pastor Lee this year is not because he's charismatic, justice-minded, or interesting. It's not because he's a compelling orator or a young visionary. 

In fact, today he turns 60. 

The world turns because Pastor Lee seems free. 

In a generation that talks a lot about freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want, Pastor Lee shows us that true freedom isn't found in pursuing your own happiness and comfort, but in emptying yourself for others. 

Not just the people who are easy to love, but the difficult people, the disabled people, the lost people.

That is, after all, exactly how God has loved us. 

Today, please pray a prayer of thanks for Pastor Lee and his legacy, that he feels encouraged and loved today, and that God would continue to guide and sustain him.

Happy birthday, Pastor Lee