THE DROP BOX is a documentary feature that tells the story of a pastor in South Korea, who built "a mailbox" for abandoned babies. It's a film about the forgotten, the disabled, the discarded, and the man who gave everything to protect them. 


“The fight for life is more than just political. In so many ways, it’s decided in the cultural imagination - and heroes like this provide the inspiration we need to replace cultures that spawned Kermit Gosnell, sewer pipes, child abandonment and forced abortions with a culture that looks more like the home of Pastor Lee Jong-rak. That, my friends, is overcoming evil with good.”
— John Stonestreet, Host of Breakpoint
“Day after day, Pastor Lee proclaims that every human life is sacred. But he doesn’t shout it from the rooftops. Rather, he lives it out in sacrificial service to the abandoned children God has called him to protect.”
— Eric Metaxas, NY Times Best Selling Author
“This film will inspire you as perhaps nothing else you have ever seen. The movie portrays vividly the call to compassionate action on behalf of orphans. Watching The Drop Box could change the path of your life, for the better.”
— Russel D. Moore, President of ERLC
“The Drop Box is a profoundly moving documentary that sheds much needed light on the inherent dignity and mission of each human person, especially those with a serious disability. In a world that often emphasizes the need to be perfect, this real-life story gets to the heart of love, life, and the unique giftedness of every human being.”
— Jeanne Monahan, President of March for Life


In June 1987, Pastor Lee Jong-rak sat in the        hospital waiting room weeping. After hours of brutal struggle, his wife had born a son. But the boy wasn’t normal. He wasn’t healthy. He wasn’t anything Lee prayed for. In June 1987, Pastor Lee’s one and only son was born with a massive cyst on his left cheek, and without surgery, he was going to die in that hospital. The doctors told Pastor Lee that if the boy did survive he would be a vegetable. But he insisted that the doctors try to save Eun-man.

After the operation, the doctors delivered  exactly what they expected to: a child with devastating cerebral palsy, whose limbs would soon jut out at strange angles, leaving him permanently bedridden.

Lee would sell his house to pay their hospital bills. 

For 14 years, Pastor Lee, his wife, and their little daughter would essentially live in that hospital ward, waiting for the day when Eun-man would be discharged. But as Lee preached and sang songs in the hallways, he soon developed a      reputation as a “lover of the unlovable.”  Pastor Lee became known throughout the hospital for his unceasing love for "the boy on his back." So much so that one day, a woman asked Lee to adopt her own disabled daughter. On the verge of death, the old woman begged Lee to take Sanghee in.

So he did.

As time passed, Lee would save enough money to buy a small home for his growing family. Over time, he took in several other  orphans from the hospital, and word began to spread throughout his neighborhood, just as it had in the hospital.

Then, on one frigid winter night, a woman abandoned her baby outside the gate of Pastor Lee’s home. The disabled baby girl would nearly freeze to death, before Pastor Lee found her. But in that moment, Lee knew that those children were not safe. He knew something had to be done.

So in December 2009, Pastor Lee built a box.

Downstairs Lee cut into the wall of his laundry room and constructed "the drop box," fitted with a motion sensor and an alarm. While upstairs, Eun-man still lay in bed, reminding Lee of why he began to care for the vulnerable in the first place.  Of course, he never thought any other children would actually arrive.

Until a few days later, when the alarm bell rang.